Breast Cancer Care

What’s New in Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer is a complicated disease that requires more than one subspecialty in its treatment. Historically, a general surgeon would perform surgery then send the patient to the medical oncologist who would give chemotherapy, who would then send the patient to a radiation oncologist who would give radiation therapy. Rarely did the multiple moving parts work together. Recently, this paradigm has changed to a team approach beginning at the time of diagnosis. The various subspecialties work together to create the best plan for the patient. This multi-modality approach has been proven to work. In addition, the advent of breast specialists has been shown to decrease local recurrence and even breast cancer death.

Every Tuesday at Boca Raton Community Hospital Multi Modality Clinic meets with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their families. This group consists of a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a geneticist, and a social worker. On the following day, each case is presented at our tumor board where the pathology and radiology studies are reviewed. We believe this is the best way to approach breast cancer.

  • Oncotype DX is a breast cancer test, performed on biopsy tissue, that can accurately predict the likelihood that breast cancer will return, or recur. Oncotype DX also provides insight into the benefit of certain types of chemotherapy. It is currently used in women with lymph node negative, estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. It provides individualized information which is more predictive than our other markers, such as tumor size, tumor grade, and age of the patient.
  • Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) is a relatively new way to give radiation after a partial mastectomy (lumpectomy). Whole breast radiation takes six and a half weeks and may have profound cosmetic complications, including breast retraction and skin discoloration. PBI only radiates the area of concern for five days twice a day. The cosmetics seem to be improved. The recurrence rates at five year follow up appear to be equal to whole breast radiation. 
  • Trained in Savi/ Mammosite/ Multi-Lumen balloon placement
  • L-Dex