Breast Cancer Care > The More Flexible 5 Day Treatment

The SAVI™ applicator combines the tissue-sparing dosimetry of interstitial brachytherapy with the single-entry ease of balloon brachytherapy. This hybrid approach is designed to maximize ease of use during placement, while providing more flexibility in the delivery of the radiation dose.













1. Placement
The closed applicator is inserted into the lumpectomy cavity through a single incision. Placement of the applicator can be done at the time of the lumpectomy or as a post-operative procedure.










2. Expansion
Once the applicator is placed in the cavity, rotation of the expansion tool deploys the catheters, conforming to the size of the cavity.










3. Radiation Delivery
The individual catheters are connected to an HDR afterloader for delivery of the radiation source. The multiple catheters offer more flexibility to contour the dose in a similar manner as interstitial brachytherapy. With the close proximity of the catheters to the targeted tissue, the radiation dose in each catheter can be modified to protect healthy tissues and organs, such as skin, lung and heart.

Typical treatment is twice a day for five days.









4. Removal
After the final treatment, the applicator is collapsed and removed.

Click here to view animation of the SAVI procedure