Margin Probe

Margin Probe is a new technology that allows us to evaluate the margins of the lumpectomy specimen in the operating room without the help of a pathologist. 

One of the challenges of performing a lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) is removing ALL of the tumor with a rim of normal tissue around it. Most breast cancers are not palpable and thus removal is based on films rather than feel. In the operating room we use sense of touch and sight and intraoperative mammograms to assess margins. Nationally about 25% of lumpectomy patients return to the operating room for a second operation to clear the margins. 

Margin probe uses bioimpedance measurements to differenciate benign breast tissue from breast tissue with cancer or pre cancer. It successfully identifies tumor at the margins reducing re-excision rates by 50-60% across the country. With this technology I have reduced my re-excision rates from 10 to 5%.


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